Secured by Digits

Never expose your banking credentials.

Digits will never store your banking information. Instead of asking for and storing your corporate account credentials, Digits uses revocable tokens to access your data via secure APIs. We also secure our system-to-system communication using TLS, a cryptographic security protocol designed for privacy and data security.

corporate accounts

Accounting software

World-class infrastructure.

We’ve designed our infrastructure with the utmost care. Digits’ stack builds security through progressive layers that deliver true defense in depth.

Data stored in USA

Encryption at all layers

Best-in-class security practices

Built for compliance with major standards

Multi-factor authentication

Security-optimized container operating system.

Digits’ architecture leverages the latest container technology to maximize data security.

Immutable in production

Minimized attack surface

Built-in vulnerability scanning

Container isolation

Encryption everywhere.

Digits’ web application is secured with HTTPS, which uses TLS and certificates to ensure that your data is encrypted when transmitted between our services.

Digits’ infrastructure

Digits’ web app

Digits automatically encrypts your data at rest to prevent unauthorized access.

Fortified, multi-layered encryption unique to your organization.

We have taken extreme care in designing our encryption systems to protect your most sensitive data. Any financial reports you upload to Digits are uniquely secured for your organization using per-secret, authenticated envelope encryption.

Intentional security, from the ground up.

The Digits engineering team has years of experience designing, building, and operating technical systems at scale for global companies, including:

We plan to continue hardening our systems with security technologies such as quantum-safe encryption and other cutting-edge methodologies as they emerge.

The new way to know your business. No setup required.

Crafted by a team that's done it before

Our engineers have built and shipped secure software at massive scale:

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